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Thermal spring water inhalations in Italy

Principe Terme Hotel is the perfect location for a weekend or a longer stay dedicated to complete relaxation and body health. Thanks to the numerous treatments that are provided in our facility and to our spa’s precious thermal water, you will get the unique opportunity to treat your body and mind to unforgettable intense peace and pleasure.

Take care of your body with our thermal spring water vapour inhalations, a treatment that brings great benefits to the respiratory tract. Vapours take action on the nose, throat, larynx and lungs in many different ways: 

  • They prevent infections and inflammation of the oral mucosa and internal tissue.
  • They perform mucolytic action, dissolving mucus and eliminating nasal and bronchial congestion.
  • They support the body’s antiseptic and antibacterial action.
  • They effectively prevent laryngitis, bronchitis, sinusitis and all the other respiratory tract inflammations.

The benefits of therapies and treatments that include thermal spring water inhalations have been confirmed by scientific studies, which also consider them as one of the most effective remedies against asthma and chronic inflammations, as well as preventing that respiratory tract infectious diseases worsen again.

In its beautiful spa, Principe Terme Hotel takes care of your body with mud-based treatments, massages and many other treatments, while offering you pure relaxation in a location tucked away in the Veneto’s beautiful countryside. Treat yourself to a break from your daily routine and come surround yourself with the peaceful and astonishing Euganean Hills!