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Thermal Spa Abano Terme

You can choose amongst a wide variety of beauty programs, which include a series of massages to tone up your skin, relax your muscles, eliminate contractures and body stress, as well as beauty treatments to eliminate your face skin impurities, defy the signs of aging and improve your skin’s glow and health with essential oils.

Enjoy the benefits of our thermal spa. Our natural thermal water baths you will allow your body to oxygenate your skin and muscle tissues, decreasing muscle and joint pain and improving microcirculation. Thermal water isn’t precious only for your muscles and skin: in fact, inhaling its vapours is incredibly beneficial for your nose, throat, pharynx and for the entire respiratory tract.

Principe Terme Hotel also appreciates fun and delightful cuisine: our restaurant’s excellent chefs will treat you with the best dishes from the Italian and Veneto culinary traditions, paired with incredible wines, to be enjoyed with music bands and themed night events.

Choose one of our packages and come experience the relaxing ambience of the Principe Terme Hotel’s wellness centre!