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Service Charter

Dear User,

We are pleased to put at your disposal our Service Charter and the user's Guide of our company-Spa Hotel "PRINCIPE TERME", and that has as main objective the improvement of the relationship between the thermal structure and anyone to it talk or have any contact with the same title.
The news contained in this brochure are directed primarily at those who performs the treatments is staying at the Hotel, or on as outpatients, through the national health service or at his own expense, ensuring all the identical treatment.
The Service Charter, would therefore be a means directed to meet the needs of the patient-visitor.
Contains basic information, with the aim of making it a practical tool of knowledge of internal organisation and of the commitments that are made against users.
More information, with more detailed documents and details about the services offered by our hotel will be provided by the staff at the reception and reception of the Hotel and the Spa.


The Hotel-Spa "Hotel Terme Principe" started its activities in the year 1984.
The structure is located along the central street of Abano Terme, one of the oldest thermal town.
The Hotel Terme Principe family and refined, welcomes his guests in an atmosphere of great hotel tradition, the place where is possible combine perfectly health and wellness.
Guests can enjoy ample hall with bar, comfortable lounges, an elegant and bright dining room; a particularly refined cuisine with menu choice (also for celiac), wide choice of wines and a friendly and accurate service.
The 70 rooms all with air conditioning, bath or shower, are equipped with hair-dryer, private safe, satellite tv, terrace.
It is also available to users a mini gym and there are sessions of group gymnastics in thermal water.

Let yourself be pampered in the new "Life SPA", a sensory journey of aromas, colours, water jets and steam for a regenerating and emotional mix. It is a unique experience to relieve stress, tensions, and the rigors of everyday life.
In addition, our thermal pool with solarium and a delightful garden to enjoy precious moments of relaxation are just a few steps from the "LIFE SPA" area.

The Spa is equipped with regular granting of mineral water "salsobromoiodic hyperthermal" fair Resolution of the Regione del Veneto n. 6156 of 19.10.1987.
Conventioned structure with S.S.N., was credited with No. D.G.R 1115 of 24.06.1998 and confirmation with D.G.R 1968 of 06.12.2016 for the provision of assistance to the tariff level Spa SUPER.

Located inside the Hotel, the Spa Department offers:

  • N. 10 rooms for the mud therapy;
  • N. 5 rooms for therapeutic massage;
  • N. 1 and aerosol inhalations room;

Upon completion of the Spa there is a medical clinic equipped with first responders equipment, active every day during the period of performing therapeutic activity.


The objective of the structure is devoted to health protection in accordance with the following principles:

  • Efficiency and effectiveness
    All treatments are carried out with the best known techniques designed to make the best use of the properties of thermal water is used, in order to give maximum benefit to editing.
    The effectiveness is sought through the adaptation of the results of scientific research through the introduction of new therapies and of organisational and technical innovations.
    Our primary goal is the continuous improvement of quality and efficiency of services.
  • Professional Ethics
    Ensures compliance with the rules governing the health professions and activities connected with Spa therapies.
    The standards of quality required is guaranteed by the constant presence of staff, properly formed and, using equipment and equipment subject to monitoring by the health management and the company.
    The proper implementation of, compliance with the hygiene rules and proper conduct operational staff are insured by Health Surveillance Directorate, which carries out all the expected proficiency checks.
  • Equality and impartiality of treatment
    The work structure in order to ensure the maximum satisfaction of caring.
    For this reason, for the purpose of proper provision of services and to improve the service, the Company undertakes to examine with the utmost timeliness the comments and suggestions received from users.
    In the presence of written complaints, the company – after the collection of information concerning the case-will provide the interested always in writing useful formal replies within 30 days, inform the actions and measures may be undertaken.
  • Right to privacy
    The customer has the right to confidentiality.
    For this reason were activated all the mechanisms safeguarding your privacy as set out by the new European Regulation on personal data protection, EU Reg 2016/679.
    In particular:
    • Declaration for the issue of consent, collection, processing, storage and communication of personal and sensitive data by the customer;
    • Security measures for the protection of personal and sensitive data against third parties;
    For the exercise of their rights under art. 7 and 8 196/2003 the D.lvo reviews may refer to:
    Hotel Terme Principe
    Viale delle Terme 87
    Abano Terme (Pd)
    fax: 049 - 8601031
  • Right to choose
    Each user, with the doctor's request is filled in on the National Health Service's Cookbook, may exercise the right to "freedom of choice" by applying directly to the accredited facility of your choice.
  • Transparency
    Is ensured transparency of its administrative action, putting at the disposal of users, any information concerning the type of Spa therapies, on how they are made, and the fees charged to individuals and those who log on through the national health service.
  • Respect for the environment
    The company operates in the belief that a responsible environmental policy is a strategic investment for the future.
    For this reason, production processes are developed in such a way as to have the least environmental impact possible.


The company mission is the improvement of the General State of health and mind, through the use of thermal water and therapies available and connected to it.

In order to achieve this objective, understood not only as a treatment of disease but also as preventive activities, the Hotel-Spa "Hotel Terme Principe" is committed to making every initiative that enhances and improves the quality of care through the use and application of thermal resource.
The standard of quality is constantly researched and guaranteed through the use of skilled and motivated through training courses.
The company is an active part in scientific activities through activation of specific research protocols, in accordance with the University of Padua, and is also engaged in the dissemination of the results of the search itself.


The Hotel-Spa " Hotel Terme Principe" is a structure conventioned with the private regional Health Services and accredited by the region of Veneto.

The main activity is to provide therapeutic thermal performance and other synergistic and complementary services.
Spa treatments can be obtained upon presentation of the prescription from the GP or privately (free choice of curing cycles after the first).
The difference between the two types of access to treatment, consists in the fact that those who submit to Spa therapies with the prescription of S.S.N., (if not free), is obliged to pay the ticket, but only with a private access, the user is obliged to pay the full fare to the extent of spending freely established by the company and listed in the appropriate tariffs.

  • How to access treatments
    Every citizen has the right to benefit from a treatment cycle per year under the Convention unless the S.S.N. so-called protected categories under art. 57 Law 833/78, which may receive in the course of the year a further care loop.
    To access the treatments through S.S.N. you should consult your doctor, who will release on the prescription form, which is valid one year from date of issue.
    If you are accessing a private spa treatments, you don't need a prescription, although it is always advisable to consult with your family doctor.
  • Reservations
    All possible therapies at the Spa structure can be booked by contacting the Responsible Care Department at tel. 049 - 8600844.
  • Access to treatment
    Admission to the care is thus governed:
    • Office entrance direction hotel and thermal centre and performance to service staff of a prescription;
    • Medical examination of acceptance (required);
    • Delivery to you of the mode, timing and type of therapy;
    • Waiting for the call from the operator;
    • Entrance to the spa and start dressing room care;
  • Medical service and assistance
    The medical service is ensured by the presence of the sanitary Director and, from a private medical service through the Aquaehotels Consortium, which begins at the moment of opening of the thermal centre and which remains in effect until the closure of the same.
    There is also a Responsible Care Department available to users, in order to minimize wait times and to provide all useful tips for a more effective service.
    Staff of the Department is trained and enabled to first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the use of first responders and the use of the semi-automatic defibrillator.
  • Medical and Technical Staff
    Medical Director: Dr. SINTICH VEDRA
    Operational Staff:
    (in possession of the certificate of vocational qualification)
    n. 3 fangoterapisti
    n. 1 massage therapists
    (in possession of the certificate of vocational qualification)
    n. 1 Transport Officer and fangaie control

All staff of the Department is equipped with special recognition card, which listed the name and job title.


The Hotel – Spa "HOTEL TERME PRINCIPE" uses for spa therapies, a high-temperature water, strong mineralization, significant presence of gas in solution, weak radioactivity. It is classified as "salso-bromine-iodic hyperthermal" is bacteriologically pure and is used in many pathological areas.
It is recommended at diseases of ENT organs, and Osteoarticular diseases.

Are used through a variety of methods characterized by precise indications; Here the main:

  • Therapeutic bath: is a method of external crenoterapia Dive in a tank containing water with temperature varies between 32° C and 38° c.
    The dive is done generally to any body for about 10 ' -20 '.
  • Mud baths: heated to temperature which is around 45-50° C are particularly suitable for the treatment of localized arthritis forms are to put a layer of mud for some time over the entire body or parts of it.
    The mud is the result of a mixture of clay with a component liquid (water) and biological (micro-organisms).
    The mud, picked up in their "fangaie", kept in contact with the thermal water that flows over at pace and constant temperature, start the ripening process, which for the Italian legislation is of 6 months minimum, undergoes the treatment of maturation, during which you carry out chemical rocesses, chemical-physical and biological characteristics, which give the therapeutic properties.
  • Inhalation: Are to inhale through the upper airway spa water conveyed by steam through a special individual equipment.
    Inhalations are indicated in the upper respiratory tract diseases, especially in cases where action is required and eutrophic activity riumidificatrice on mucous membranes.
  • Aerosols: These applications perform with individual devices that allow you to produce a homogeneous mixture of aerosols in small particles(1-2 microns in diameter) regulated and heated, able to reach more inaccessible areas of the upper airway and also the finest branches of the bronchial tree.


The diseases that can be treated in thermal environment, affiliated with the national health service (ex D.M. 12/17/2007 Health), are as follows:

  • Rheumatic diseases:
    Osteoarthritis and other degenerative forms, extra-articular rheumatism
    Discounted treatment cycle and recommended: Thermal mud 12 + 12 balneology or 12 balneology
  • Respiratory diseases:
    Vasomotory rhinopathy, chronic bronchitis, chronic sinusitis or chronic rhinosinusitis, chronic faringolarigite
    12 +12 aerosol inhalation

Synergic and complementary care

For special hydrotherapy can be useful to combine the following synergistic and complementary therapies, including tariff treatments, in which the doctor will advise Spa according to customer requirements:

  • Massotherapy

For more specific information, please refer to the documentation available and at your disposal in every room.


The editing is entitled for the duration of the treatment cycle:

  • To be assisted with attention, professionalism, and to be treated with respect and courtesy;
  • To get from the entire staff of the structure all information necessary for the completion of treatment;
  • To obtain complete information from health professionals and understood about the disease diagnosis, therapy, and prognosis;
  • To obtain broad privacy assurances contained in his medical record, with esclusine legal obligations;
  • To make judgments about the quality of services and to submit suggestions and complaints using suitable tools placed at its disposal;

How to reach us

The Hotel-Spa "Hotel Terme Principe", is located in Abano Terme (Pd), Viale delle Terme 87.

It is easily accessible with:
Motorways from the North, exit at:
Highways from the South, exit at:

Railway station:

Venice Airport "MARCO POLO"
Treviso "ANTONIO CANOVA" Airport